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Work With Me

Let’s work together

Are you interested in working with me one on one to address your child’s development? Let’s do it!

The reason I became an occupational therapist and even why I started this website, is to help people.

Phone Consultation

Investment: free

If your child is struggling with any of the following, email me at occupationaltherapyanswers@gmail.com to set up a free 30 minute consultation!

Have you noticed your kiddo struggling in any of these areas:

  • Poor play ability
    • Unable to keep up with peers in games
    • Unable to take turns or lose a game
    • Repetitive play
  •  Hyperactivity
    • Lack of focus
    • Inability to follow directions
  • Poor emotional regulation
    • Frequently loses temper
    • Struggles to identify emotions
    • Anxiety
  • Sensory concerns
    • Over responsive to being touched (including clothing seams and tags)
    • Under responsive to running into things (including classmates)
    • Wont walk barefoot
    • Inability to handle crowds or noisy areas
  • Delayed dressing skills
    • Unable to put on or take off age appropriate clothing (socks, jackets, pants)
    • Unable to manipulate age appropriate fasteners (buttons, zippers, shoe laces)
  • Food aversions
    • picky eater
    • limited diet
    • gagging
  • Delayed fine motor skills
    • Poor handling of crayons, utensils, small objects
    • Unable to unwrap candy
    • Unable to push buttons
    • Overall clumsy hands
  • Delayed gross motor skills
    • Unable to sit up, crawl, walk, when peers have already mastered the task
    • Struggles with catching or throwing a ball
    • Trips frequently

Also, if your child has a diagnosis that affects any areas of their life, or yours, please reach out to me via email or social media and we can make a plan!

Sensory Diet

Investment: $150+

sensory diet is a group of activities specifically scheduled into a child’s day to assist with attention, arousal and adaptive responses. The activities are chosen for the child’s needs based on sensory integration theory.

As a pediatric occupational therapist, I am capable of creating a customized plan for your child based on their abilities and parental interview. You will be given a schedule that is unique to your needs as a family with daily therapeutic tasks to be performed with/to your child. As their parent, you need to be educated on how to best help your child succeed and increase their independence.

Included with this investment is a free 30 minute phone consultation, a individualized and downloadable pdf of your child’s sensory diet, and 2 follow up phone calls, to ensure effectiveness, or to make changes as necessary.


Investment: price varies

I can be booked as a public speaker to address a variety of topics related to special needs children and their families.

Events can be directed towards parents, foster parents, teachers, day care workers, and speech, physical and occupational therapists.

Course content can be customized to fit your event.